• Equipment size: 2330 x 990 x 1700(L * W * H mm)
  • Max capacity: 200 kg
  • Net weight: 230 kg
  • Gross weight: 270 kg
  • colour: Champagne Color, Iron Grey, Silver (Optional)
  • Motor drive: AC4.0 HP ( MAX 9HP)
  • Speed range: 0.6 – 25.0 km/h
  • Slope range: -4% – 20%(24 Levels)
  • Heart rate test: Handhold Sensor
  • Running area: 1600*600 (L * W mm)
Assemble Size 2330*990*1700 mm.
Max Load
250 kg.
Net Weight
230 kg.
Gross Weight
270 kg.
Champagne Color, Iron Gray, Silver Gray (Optional)
Power Supply
AC220V 16A
Motor AC 4 CHP (Max 9 HP)
0.8-25 km/h.
-4% – 20% (24 Levels)
Absorption System
Tai Chi Shock Absorption System
Hrart Rate Test
Handhold Sensor
Running Area
1600×600 mm.
Running Belt
T2.5 (Self-lubrication)
Running Board
Steam Tube
120*50*T2 Rectangular tube
13.5″ LCD Touch Screen (Lower Screen)
21.5″ LCD Touch Screen (Upper Screen)(1080P)
Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker, Wireless Charging, Paddle Shifting, iPad Bracket, MP3 Earphone, USB Interface

1. 13.5″ Contrl Touch Screen Panel to operate the treadmill, display speed,

   incline, calorie, time, heart rate, steps, etc.

2. Android 6.0 system, multi-languages, WiFi available, USB interface, play vides,

   music, view phots, etc.

3. 12 Exercise mode, Real-life mode, map mode

4. Handhold heart rate test

5. Safety key switch can ensure user’s safety

6. PU Rubber coating handle design, which is comfortable, ecofriendly and healthy

7. Tai Chi Shock Absorption System (The front buffer area can minimize the

   vibration of the runner, and the rear force area provides a powerful strength

   of the rear leg)

8. iPad Bracket, Wireless Charger, etc.


Lower Console 13.5″ Touch Screen, Android 5.1 system, WiFi

Lower Console Functions

1. Control treadmill Start and Stop, speed, incline

2. Display time, distance, speed, incline, calorie, heart rate, steps

3. 12 exercise mode

4. WiFi connection

5. Intelligently upload sports data, share moments


WNQ owned potency R&D troops and rigorous marketing team, the company passed 
ISO9001(2008) international quality management system certification,
ISO14001(2004) international environmental management system certification, 
OHSA18001(2007) international occupation health and safety management system certification in accordance with requirements of the new standard. The main products are passed GS, CE certification. At the same time.

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Berat 270 kg


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